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Is Plaque Harmful?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Rendering of magnifying glass showing plaque on tooth at Vancouver Emergency DentistWhen you go for days without brushing your teeth, dental plaque starts to appear. The mouth bacteria feed on the sugar and starch from the food particles left on your teeth. Plaque occurs naturally but requires proper management as it can be harmful. If allowed to accumulate and thrive, it can compromise your oral health. Here are some oral issues associated with plaque:

Tooth Decay

Plaque forms a suitable habitat for bacterial growth. These bacteria feed on the sugars in food particles, producing an acid that can erode your enamel. This action leaves your teeth exposed, leading to cavities. A hole can emerge in your teeth, making them highly sensitive and painful.

Bad Breath

The rotting food particles and bacteria can lead to the production of bad-smelling gas. Plaque offers a good ground for bacteria to break down the food residues, leading to the production of volatile sulfur compounds. These compounds have a strong awful smell. The bacteria can also cause oral infections that contribute to the bad smell.

Gingivitis And Periodontitis

Plaque forms on the tooth surface and the gum line. This element causes irritation in your gums, leading to redness and inflammation. Your gums can start bleeding when flossing or brushing. If you fail to treat gingivitis on time, it can generate periodontitis. This condition causes extensive inflammation in your gums. The infection can result in the loss of bone that supports your teeth. The weak bone leads to the loss of your teeth eventually.

Tartar Formation

When you fail to remove the plaque, it hardens and forms a tartar. This hardened plaque becomes impossible to get rid of using a toothbrush or flossing. Tartar buildup below the gum line causes irritation and inflammation.

Handling it requires a dentist to clean your teeth extensively. If you are struggling with hardened plaque or tartar, visit our offices or book an appointment online for a professional intervention.
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