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Is Teeth Flossing Necessary?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Evan
Is Teeth Flossing Necessary?Are you looking for simple ways to improve your oral health? Brushing your teeth at least twice daily can help you achieve good oral health. However, brushing alone does not clean the spaces between your teeth. In this case, you may need to floss at least once daily to remove food debris and plaque.

Dental flossing involves using a thin thread to dislodge debris between your teeth. In most cases, dentists recommend flossing before brushing to allow a toothbrush to remove the debris left on the tooth surfaces after flossing. Learn why teeth flossing is necessary.

Avoid Embarrassing Moments

Imagine going for a job interview and then realizing that you have food stuck between your teeth. How about going for a dinner date, then you notice a piece of vegetable between your teeth? These are embarrassing moments that no one would like to find themselves in. Fortunately, flossing can help to prevent all these. It is also a good way to fight bad breath. If you want to boost your confidence when talking to people, flossing should be your priority.

Ensure Healthy Gums and Teeth

It can only take a few days or weeks for plaque to accumulate between the teeth and along the gum line. When left unremoved, it hardens into tartar, which can erode the teeth' enamel, putting you at risk of developing cavities. Plaque can also discolor your teeth, which can affect your smile.

In addition, plaque and tartar accumulation can lead to gum disease. This involves inflammation and swelling of the gum tissues. If left unattended, it can erode the gum and bone tissues, leading to the loosening of teeth. This also increases the risk of decay, and you may lose your teeth. The best way to fight plaque is by combining brushing and flossing techniques. Contact us for more oral care tips.
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