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Dental Implants in Vancouver, WA

Image of a dental professional showing a patient a dental implant, at Vancouver Emergency Dentist in Vancouver, WA. At Vancouver Emergency Dentist we believe in your overall dental care, be it routine checkups and cleanings, to necessary dental restorations and procedures you may require. Dental implants are one of the most popular, common, and successful dental prostheses we use to replace missing teeth for our patients. Schedule an appointment with our dental implant specialists in Vancouver, WA to learn more.

Dental Implant Placement: Building Your Foundation for a Radiant Smile

The placement of dental implants is a meticulous process that lays the groundwork for your new, confident smile. These implant fixtures, resembling cylinders or screws, are precisely positioned within your jaw, targeting the area of your missing tooth.

As the implant integrates with your jawbone, a vital bonding process unfolds, typically spanning a period of two to six months, sometimes longer. This fusion creates a robust anchor for your future artificial tooth. In the interim, you may be offered a temporary tooth replacement to conceal the implant site.

The subsequent phase involves revealing the dental implant and affixing a temporary healing extension or implant cap at our Vancouver, WA dental clinic. This finalizes the foundational support upon which your new tooth will be mounted. A brief recovery period is often allowed for the gums to naturally heal. In certain one-stage dental implant systems, the second step is bypassed as the extension piece comes pre-attached.

The final step in the implant procedure occurs when a customized crown or replacement tooth is attached to the metal post, known as an abutment. A crown or tooth installed by our Vancouver, WA implant specialists will results in a fully restored, natural-looking smile, allowing you to have a confident, new smile.

Do Dental Emergencies Happen with Dental Implants?

Dental implant emergencies are relatively rare, but they can occur. If you have dental implants and experience any of the following issues, it's essential to contact us immediately for prompt evaluation and treatment.

Loose or Dislodged Implant

If you notice that your dental implant feels loose or has become dislodged, it's a significant emergency. This can be a sign of implant failure or complications with osseointegration (the fusing of the dental implant with the jawbone), and this needs immediate attention to prevent further issues.

Severe Pain or Swelling

Persistent and severe pain or swelling around the implant site could indicate an infection or inflammation. These symptoms should not be ignored, as they may lead to implant failure if left untreated.


If you suspect or have been diagnosed with an infection around the implant site, it's crucial to seek dental care promptly. Infections can lead to implant failure and further complications if not treated early.

Fractured or Broken Restoration

The prosthetic tooth or crown attached to the implant may become chipped, cracked, or damaged. In such cases, it's essential to have our implant tooth, veneer, and dental crown specialists in Vancouver, WA take a look, so we can get the restoration repaired or replaced.

Bleeding or Persistent Gum Issues

Excessive bleeding, gum recession, or persistent gum issues around the implant site should be evaluated by our dentist. These symptoms could indicate gum disease or other problems that need to be addressed promptly.

Nerve or Tissue Damage

In rare cases, dental implant placement can result in nerve damage or damage to adjacent tissues. If you experience numbness, tingling, or other unusual sensations in your mouth, face, or lips, consult with our dentist immediately.

Allergic Reactions

While it's uncommon, some individuals may have allergic reactions to implant materials or components. If you suspect an allergy, seek immediate dental care.

Sudden Mobility of Implant

If you notice that your implant suddenly becomes mobile or shifts out of place, it could be a sign of underlying issues, such as implant fracture or bone loss.

Impacted Food or Foreign Object

Occasionally, food particles or foreign objects can become trapped around the implant site, leading to discomfort, infection, or other problems. Seeking dental care can help remove the foreign object and prevent complications.

What About Issues with Different Types of Dental Implants?

Different situations and emergencies may arise depending on the type of dental implant or restoration that you have received. When in doubt, it is always best to call our dental implant specialists at our Vancouver, WA dental clinic and let us know what is going on so that we can get you treated appropriately.

If you have an implant-supported denture and experience problems with its stability or fit, it's important to consult our dentist. Denture adjustments or repairs may be necessary to maintain comfort and function.

While the dental implant posts themselves are permanent, the connector and the dental crown may need attention or to be replaced after several years. It is important to pay regular attention to how your restorations are functioning and if you notice any changes in the way they look or how they are working.

Dental Implant Emergencies Are Not Common

It's important to remember that dental implant emergencies, while possible, are not common when implants are properly placed and maintained. Routine follow-up appointments with our dentist, good oral hygiene, and adhering to post-implant care instructions can help minimize the risk of emergencies and promote the long-term success of your dental implants. If you experience any of the above issues or have concerns about your dental implants, do not hesitate to contact our dental implant experts at our Vancouver, WA location for guidance and appropriate care.

Dental Emergencies For Adults

Dental emergencies can include a range of injuries that affect the mouth and facial structures, beyond just those specifically dealing with dental implants. These injuries can involve chipped, broken, fractured, dislodged, or completely knocked-out teeth. Lacerations to the mouth, lips, and gums, as well as the possibility of a broken, fractured, or dislocated jaw are also considered dental emergencies.

When you seek assistance from us for a dental emergency, we will first do a visual examination. Following this initial check, we may require further diagnostic tools such as x-rays or other imaging techniques to precisely evaluate the extent of the damage. Depending on the severity of the trauma, different courses of action may be necessary.

At Vancouver Emergency Dentist we are here to serve all of your dental needs and requirements. Feel free to contact us with any questions, whether preventive, restorative, or an urgent need. Our Vancouver, WA dental implant experts can always be reached at 360-828-7997.
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