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Is Gum Disease Contagious By Kissing?

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Evan
Is Gum Disease Contagious By Kissing?Many people will ask whether they can contract gum disease from kissing. The reason is that the bacteria that lead to gum inflammation or gum disease occur in the mouth. Also, people often kiss each other, thus having an exchange of saliva and microbes in the mouth such as the ones that cause the flu or the common cold. Here, is some useful information you should regarding gum disease and whether or not it is contagious.

Yes, Bacteria in the Mouth Can be Transmitted by Kissing

It is possible to get the bacteria that result in gum disease by kissing. Additionally, these bacteria can also be spread from things like food, drinks, and eating utensils. Even one kiss is able to exchange over 80 million bacteria., but of course, these include both bad and good bacteria. A majority of mouth bacteria are harmless. Nonetheless, there are some bad ones that can easily attack the gums and enamel.

You Cannot Catch Gum Disease

Gum disease is not contagious. While kissing is able to transmit those bacteria to your mouth, gum disease is not considered contagious. Most of these harmful bacteria are already in your mouth where they reside. Even if you get them from kissing, it does not mean that you get gum disease.

The reason is that you probably ensure good oral hygiene. If you brush two to three times daily for not less than 2 minutes and floss adequately between the teeth, you are able to remove bacterial buildup and keep healthy teeth and gums. Gum disease cannot be caused by the spread of bad bacteria. However, if you do not brush and floss, you could easily develop gum disease because you allow the bacteria to multiply whereby they infect the gums.

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